How Solve Recaptcha Works

How Solve Recaptcha works is as easy as 1-2-3... Just follow these set of how-to instructions and you'll be set to go with our service. Our service is designed for easy and smooth integration, you should get the "hang of it"...



First things first... locate the Google recaptcha2 data-sitekey by using your browser's source code explorer or code inspector. You will need this data-sitekey on processing your API request.

Implement Our API

Second... Implement our RESTful API web service by subscribing to any package plans and start calling our API methods as documented here. The response of our API is the g-recaptcha-response token value which you will need to validate the recaptcha.

Validate Recaptcha2

Lastly...Validate the captcha with our API's g-recaptcha-response token output. This should be very easy for you. Just locate the TEXTAREA with the ID "g-recaptcha-response" and request verification to the Google URL

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