Solve Recaptcha API Document

Welcome to Solve reCAPTCHA API Document

Firstly, a huge thanks for choosing for your reCAPTCHA2 solving, your support is truly appreciated!

This document covers all methods to automate Google reCAPTCHA2 solving through a RESTFul Webservice API.


API Endpoint URL

The endpoint URL is where you make all the API calls or requests to.

Endpoint URL:

Developer Information


If you do not have an API key, signup to get one here.

API Parameters

Paramater Name Possible Value
The user ID which can be found in the dashboard.
Your API key. Found in the dashboard.
The Google recaptcha2 data-sitekey value.
The Google recaptcha2 captcha page URL.
Used when in userrecaptcha mode.
default: v2; options: v3, invisible
Used when you are solving reCAPTCHA v3 only.
The score needed for resolution.
default: 0.5; options: 0.1 ... 0.9
Used when you are solving reCAPTCHA v3 only.
The value of action parameter you found on page...
Used when in userrecaptcha mode.
default: 0; options: 1
Tells the server to send the response as JSON.
default: 0; options: 1
proxy [optional]
If you have your own proxy you may use it to solve recaptcha. Format is <proxy_ip>:<proxy_port> example
proxytype [optional]
If you use your own proxy set its type. Possible values are HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5.

Example Response


Tokenize or parse the response to get the Google g-recaptcha-response token hash. To do this simply remove the part "OK|" and you'll get the token hash completely.

Error Responses

These are set of program error code responses for easy coding.

Code Description
ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE The Google recaptcha2 sent is unsolvable by our solvers.
ERROR_NO_AVAILABLE_THREADS No threads available under your account's thread pool, upgrade to open more.
ERROR_API_KEY_NOT_FOUND The API key passed is not found in our database.
ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED Access to the API is denied, contact administrator at

Validation Instructions

Locate the element with id g-recaptcha-response and make it visible.

As an alternative you can just use javascript to set the value of g-recaptcha-response field:

document.getElementById("g-recaptcha-response").value = "{RESPONSE_TOKEN_FROM_SOLVE_RECAPTCHA}";

g-recaptcha-response: Once user checks the checkbox (I am not a robot), a field with id g-recaptcha-response gets populated in your HTML. You can now use the value of this field to know if the user is a bot or not, using the below mentioned lines:-

var captchResponse = $('#g-recaptcha-response').val();
if(captchResponse.length == 0 )
	//user has not yet checked the 'I am not a robot' checkbox
	//user is a verified human and you are good to submit your form now		

Migration Instructions

Please follow this step-by-step tutorial to migrate or use Solve reCAPTCHA API via format.

This instructions applies only to Windows operated computers.

  1. Open and edit C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file.
  2. Write or encode:
  3. Open your software or application.
  4. Use your Solve reCAPTCHA API Key as Key.
  5. Re-run your application and check the answers.